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Our Services


  • In-Your-Home Pet Sitting Visits

  • Elderly/Special Needs Pet Care

  • Dog Walking

  • In-home Overnight Stays

  • Ranch Care


  • Peace of mind knowing ALL your pets are con­tent and cared for in their familiar environment

  • Feel good knowing that your home is being watched over

  • Return home welcomed by your well-cared for critters

  • Consistent, ongoing medication if necessary


  • Vacations (short or extended)

  • Long days at the office

  • Day trips

  • Convalescing or elder care situations

  • Or any other way you need a break


Dog Walking Services:

We have many dog walking options to fit you and your dog's needs. We specialize in socialization through dog walking for your dog's improved behavior and manners. We offer you peace of mind, keeping your pooch happy and exercised while you are away at work, out for the day, or just need a break!


  • Neighborhood walks
  • ½ hour and 1 hour walks
  • Structured and supervised play
  • 20 Minute potty breaks


Benefits of Dog Walking:

  • Teaches basic leash manners
  • Aids and diminishes behavioral issues
  • Provides outdoor stimulation and pleasure


Feel better knowing that a trustworthy, reliable pet sitter is tending to your pets in their own environment.

Walking the dog

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Happy dog at home

Pet Sitting services include:

  • Feeding your pet(s) and replenishing fresh water
  • Exercise and play with your pets to keep them well spirited, preventing loneliness
  • Litter box and waste clean-up
  • Administration of medication if necessary
  • Crime deterrent services such as scanning the premises and alternating lights and curtains
  • Bringing in mail and newspaper
  • Putting out/bringing in garbage and recycling
  • Light plant watering
  • Overnight stays keep your pet company during the time you are away
Pet Taxi

Overnight stays:

Our qualified pet sitter stays in your home overnight, giving your pet(s) the warm, necessary overnight comfort and care they need.



We make it easy!  All About Critters will guide you through the process. Set up a free consulta­tion, and with our array of services, we will customize care to fit you and your pet’s needs. We will establish a relationship with you and your pets, and provide you with all the necessary paperwork to get you and your pets ready for their pet sitter!

Cockatoo fed from hand
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